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PHOTOS: Here what was happening last night at the Zulu kingdom that left people talking

20 August 2022

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A group from Eswatini made up of male and females regiment making a grand entrance at Kwakhangalemankengane palace in Nongoma. They didn't expect that people will show such respect and dedication during the whole ceremony. But the big day is today when the King will enter to the kraal today.

The family has spent the whole week performing ritual and going for the lion hunt to make sure that everything goes according to the culture. People have warned the family to be careful as this is a dangerous ceremony and there are many people who are not happy about it.

There are many people who spent weeks not sleeping while expecting this rituals to take place this makes it more dangerous. People are not happh after they saw many people standing outside the main house. The house is supposed to be respect and people must respect. Lot of singing and praising was happening last night.

The prince Hlangabeza Dlamini was seeing the praises in front of the main house last night. It's shows how happy he is about this whole ritual situation. He is already showing respect to his future king and make sure everyone is doing the same thing.

Yesterday there were some people busy with the meat that they will cook today. They need to make sure that they put people they trust on the pots to cook. Because even their enemies will be attending the ritual and they will not be happy at all. They must make sure that they check the food.

All the preparation for today's ritual are almost done and there are waiting for the ceremony to just start aroung 11. It's a busy day today at Nongoma and we all hope that everything will go well as planned. More news about the ritual will be updated later today.

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