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Get rid of dull face with these funny memes

But how can someone who has never been met me DM for the first time with a voice note, what if I'm deaf? My clients be doing this always 1 tree + 1 tree = 2 trees. 5 trees + 6 trees = 11 trees. Excellent! Now say 22456 trees + 23467 trees = Forest. I would have gotten it wrong.

It took me a lot to find the child's head. I'm still struggling When you all been kissing for long, then she says, 'go and lock the door'...Teacher: Kevin give me ten wild animals

Kevin: Nine lions and one buffalo Girls: I don't trust my friends.


Stay safe: Do not forget to wash and sanitize your hands and maintain social distance. Wear face mask in public areas, coronavirus kills. Together we can defeat this deadly disease.

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