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All you need is three combos to burn all the bad lucks

I'm encouraging each an everyone of you to perform this ritual at 00:00am and 03:00am for 3 days then come to the group give testimony. 

Especially I'm encouraging people who are not progressing in their life,

totally their blessings are blocked here we communicate with our ancestors and they hear on the other hand we burn our enemies and chase them away.

also our ancestors are fighting for us they unblock what is blocked they are freeing us from the chain so we can receive our blessings and gift.

Instruction to use

1. full glass of water tap

2. 7 pieces of grof salt.

3. 7 sticks of matches

You start by putting a grof salt inside the glass of water. 

Then light the sticks of matches speak then put them inside the glass of water then start praying for 3 days on your last day bath with the mixture.

You will see huge improvement after using this mixture you will see the results same time immediately.


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