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A man leaves Mzansi speechless after noticing something weird on his home

Nowadays, people see anything as a joke, and they convert anything into a joke that could end up hurting the next person. Some people who are not strong may appear to be such on social media. When someone decides to disclose some personal information on social media, they should not expect harsh feedback. A Limpopo used his social media account Twitter to upload an image of his property on Facebook, unaware that others were focusing on the house instead. Theu decided to look for anything and everything they could find, and the first thing they discovered was a lion statue. People have jumped into the comments area to inquire about the significance of this lion statue. This might be part of the decor. Nowadays, anything may be used as a decoration; it does not have to be a flower or a vase. Remember to like, share, and comment on this story.


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Limpopo Mzansi Theu


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