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The Newly Manufactured Braai Stand | A Local Man's Invention

This is Matome Maphala, he is the man with a new braai stand invention. Maphala is from Polokwane in Seshego. He is an Electrical Engineer graduate who now recycle old geysers by using them to make his braai stand invention.

Take a look at his braai stand below;

Take a look at some of the braai stands that we are used to, followed by the advantages of Maphala's braai stand invention.

Most braai stands do not have a lid. Take a look at the below one with a lid, notice the difference between it and Maphala's new braai stand.

The above braai stand has a few things in common with Maphala's braai stand. They both have a lid, wheels, and many other usual braai stand parts in common.

How is Maphala's invention a better one?

Besides Maphala's braai stands being made out of recycling old geysers, they have one part that makes them exceptional and that's the tube that takes out the smoke. Take a look at the demonstrating picture below;

Many braai stands were created without a lid because inventors new that a lid would keep the smoke in and it would mess the meat. However, there is little hygiene with these braai stands in which you braai your meat while it's exposed to flies and other germs that may be drawn to the meat by the smoke.

Probably this is why others invented braai stands with lids but the smoke would force people to end up opening the lid because they fear that their meat would smell smokey or taste bad. This will not be the same with Maphala's braai stand, hence the tube that takes out the smoke makes it super exceptional.

Although his braai stands are made of old geysers, they look nothing like an old geyser, he has painted them nicely. He made wheels and there is enough space to place your braai ingredients and equipment at the bottom.

Content created and supplied by: AngelShikwambana (via Opera News )

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