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She posted her bedroom and people had this to say

The Facebook page called " make your bedroom look beautiful "gives individuals an opportunity to share their private space with others around the country. And also ask for tips on how to improve their sleeping space. 

See the post below:

A woman posted her bedroom and people were not impressed by the setting of her pillows. People were laughing at her and some said that they are certain that she is a comedian.The most common way of placing your pillows in a bed is by laying your standard pillow flat on the mattress.Stack a neutral accent pillow on top of it.

Use this vertical arrangement to prop up your secondary accent pillow and bolster, which can be centered or placed to either side of the stacked pillows, facing forward.

The woman placed her pillows in a different way, that's how she likes it, people have different ways of doing things and maybe she decided to place them like that because she doesn't have a headboard.


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