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End Time? I won’t hesitate in using my parents for rituals to enjoy wealth for just 3 months -BOY

I will not hesitate to use my parents for rituals in order to enjoy wealth for only three months, says a young boy with confidence.

If given the opportunity, a young Nigerian guy has unexpectedly revealed that he plans to utilize his parents' money for money rituals if he ever gets the chance.

His suffering has been ongoing for a long time, he claims in a video that has been spotted online, and he is willing to do everything for money.

"While I'm here suffering, I'm willing to use my papa or my mom for money rituals if it means it would save me time and money. Regardless of if I have to spend the money for only three months before I die, I will do it. "What will I gain if I don't have a good time?" he wondered aloud.

His friend, who was documenting the entire event, approached him and asked if he would be willing to use him for rituals as well.

Then I'll utilize you for ceremonies and pay your family afterwards as compensation.' He responded in kind.



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