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Check out why this picture caused a stir on social media

Cold weather are coming close and many people who are fortunate to have enough money to buy heaters and keep snug this winter.

But is it safe to use a gas heater, I mean don't gas explode when exposed to heat?

Portable gas heaters are safe to use indoors, assuming that we are referring to gas bayonet heaters designed for indoor use. There are also portable gas heaters that are designed for outdoor use and should never be used indoor

Gas heaters are fuel efficient, economical, and durable, as well as the perfect way to stay snug and warm during the cold winter months. LPG gas heaters and natural gas heating are both energy efficient and a wonderful way to heat your home.

A guy posted a picture with a gas heater and this caused a stir on social media, with others posting their own heater to , I guess is safe to say gas heater are not that dangerous.


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