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"3 room house with Aluminum windows" Zimbabwean man shows off his house but people noticed something

Building a house is one of the biggest achievements in life. It is a difficult task, however worth it in the end. Nothing beats having a place to call home. However due to finances, some find themselves restricted when it comes to building their dream homes. Even though it may be the case opting for something less is sometimes the last resort. With that being said a man from Zimbabwe recently took to Facebook a picture of his house which caught people's attention. He mentioned on his caption that the entire house consists of 3 rooms and managed to have aluminum windows installed. The man specifically highlighted that there entire house has 8 windows in total. Those who are familiar with building materials would know that it can be quite pricey, especially aluminum. Some people were impressed while others begged to differ. Basically some couldn't help but notice that the way the house was designed, it looked like a supermarket. However this is debatable as people do not see things in the same way. See more of people's reactions down below;

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