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3 reasons why you should never cut your nails at night

Nail cutting is a healthy practice as it helps prevent dirt and germs from building up in the space between the nails and fingers so that they can mix with the food we ingest, causing disease and this question can be approached from different angles. Is it superstition? A superstition is a mythical belief that has neither a solid foundation nor a rational explanation. Every society has many superstitions.

We must remember that in the name of shedding superstition, we are neglecting many useful tips that have been handed down to us for generations. Hence, we must first think about the science behind it to determine if it is a matter of superstition. or not.

Reason 1 :There was no electricity back then.

Therefore the nights of these days were much darker than now. If you cut your nails overnight, the pieces of nail will fall from side to side, making them difficult to collect and remove. Nail debris is a hygiene hazard and can lead to allergic reactions if unwittingly mixed with food and groceries.

Reason2:There were no nail clippers back then.

People only used knives to cut their nails. When knives were used to cut nails , there was a risk of injury and bleeding. Because medical help was difficult to come by at night, people advised against cutting your nails at night.

Reason 3: This also seems to have a religious reason.

The night plans mark the entrance of the goddess Lakshmi to the house.In order to respect the religious belief that the goddess Lakshmi visits homes at night, it is best not to cut your nails immediately after the dust, preferably until 7pm. Nowadays we may not care as much about the risk of our nails. Evil spirits or black magicians take pieces, but good advice, which can also be hygienic, is to bury your nails during the day or at night after cutting.

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