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15 Drawings That Show Dads Should Stay Away From Children's Coloring Books

Children love coloring books. They enjoy coloring their favorite animals, characters and cartoons. As an adult, do you think you still love those coloring books? You may not, but some people still do. They enjoy corrupting children's coloring books! They draw and paint all sorts of weird things to make the drawings awkward and inappropriate. Check fifteen drawings that show why adults need to stay away from children's coloring books, These are hilarious.

1.Churning Meth!

There you go, a little meth cook! Check this DIY baby meth lab. It looks like someone has a strong obsession toward Breaking Bad.

2.The Little-Seen Side of Rapunzel

Disney princesses are cute. Children love Disney princess coloring books. Those coloring books are a great source for adults to show off their funny and perv side!

3.Sesame Street Corrupted!

Where did the drawing go wrong? Someone drew hands on Elmo, making the whole drawing look awkward and inappropriate!

4.Look Who's Abducting Children!

This is hilarious. Mickey Mouse is legendary Disney character. Your kids will totally hate you if you do something like this to Mickey!

5.Snow White Became Walter White

White likes to cook for his friends! What does she cook? Someone painted the whole thing like as if Snow White is Grade A meth cook! You now understand how Dopey got his name!

6.Elsa and Her Problems!

Here comes Elsa! Oh man, what a terrible, terrible, coloring book corruption! Coloring books are not meant for adults. Nonetheless, the drawing is hilarious.

7.A Child's True Nightmare

You better thank yourself for not encountering this picture when you were a child! This is the creepiest Santa Claus picture you will ever see.

8.This Time Minnie Mouse

We have already seen Mickey Mouse stealing babies. This time, it's Minnie Mouse's turn to get corrupted. Minnie Mouse got cream'pied! Oh man, this is insanely hilarious.

9.This Picture that Scares Anyone

This scary pumpkin-monster boy drawing scares the life out of anyone. For God's sake, never let your kids watch pictures like these!

10.He Made the Difference!

We shouldn't probably laugh at this one, but peeps, this drawing is hilarious! We are really interested to see what the picture would look like with roomful of friends around this sad lonely guy.

11.Dora on Fire!

This image will ruin your childhood! The chances are good that this creepy and fiery Dora will become your true nightmare and haunt you thereafter. You just can't unsee this horror!

12.Tinker Bell Checks What?

Why aren't there any coloring books for adults? You know the reason. This is what grownups do to cartoons! Well, Tinker Bell watches RedTube!

13.Is the Dog dead?

How to create long-lasting psychological disorders in children? Grab their coloring book, find an innocent and lovely animal's picture like this one, and paint it in the most insane way!

14.What a Cute Little Snail

Oh, wait a minute! The bear's going to kill it with a hammer? We thought the bear and the snail are friends! Oh dad no, what have you done!

15.This Awkward and Inappropriate Coloring Book Corruption

People are creative. They have ideas. Some of them are extremely good at showcasing their creativity in the form of art. Not all of them do it in the right way though. We never run short of funny and pervy artists! We have one such artist here.

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