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Imphepho is Not The Only Herb That Can Connect You To Your Ancestors.

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Imphepho is the Zulu name for the Helichrysum species – going by many common names including Everlasting, Sewejaartjies, Kooigoed, African Sage and Licorice Plant. It’s worth pointing out here that the local name ‘imphepho’ refers broadly to the Helichrysum species. Imphepho is an incredible HERB and plant, it has many benefits but it is not the GOD herb when connecting with your ancestors. Some of you are burning a whole forest of imphepho every night and not getting any closer to your ancestors. 

Some of you have the gift or idlozi of prophecy which can sometimes be the reason imphepho is not working for you. Or you’re not the one in the family that should be burning imphepho. Stop pinning all hope of connection on imphepho. You can use sea water or water fall water to phahla and connect with your ancestors, even normal tap water with some rough salt can even work if you stay far from the sea or river. 

Photo: Google

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African Sage and Licorice Plant Helichrysum Imphepho Kooigoed Sewejaartjies


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