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Use this three items to attract good luck

You know you always have something to do with not knowing if it will help you in your life or in the situation you are facing.

Remember better the widow who went to the new Prophet for help with the story of the creditors who had been loaned by her husband. when her sons had to be taken away to be used for her husband's debt.

But the prophet Elisha asked her how much she had in her house and she said that the woman had oil, and she told him to go and borrow pots from the neighbors .

And close the door and put all the pots in until the pots ran out and then she broke down and sold there to pay for her husband's debts.

So if you have red wine just pray and drink it and by doing so you will attract luck, or if you have olive oil rub your feet and dream of going to work by doing so you will attract good luck in your life.

And use bath salt to attract good luck in your life but everytime when you use this things make sure you pray very hard God will help you.

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