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Ways singing can help you make friends.

A student arrived after the holidays absolutely radiant. Turns out, he had gone to some end-of-the-year parties that he used to dread, but this year there was singing.

His voice was in a new place where he could really enjoy singing with others and having fun, and he spent hours singing and making new friends.

She was still happy a week later and she was highly motivated to take her voice to the next level. I think when it comes to connecting with our group of friends (our tribe), there is nothing better than singing. This is my theory about it.

Before there was anything written, all laws, stories, folklore, and history were passed down in an oral tradition that was sung. The Torah, the Iliad and the Odyssey and all the great classics of ancient culture were long songs that were memorized and passed around the campfire to the tribe.

It is much easier to remember the words associated with the melody. Now that we have written language, computers, and social media, there are much easier ways to get the message across.

Song has lost its place as a repository of tales, folklore and history. These days singing has become a profession, where we go to see a singer and expect a good performance.

When we watch American Idol, we feel a thrill when a singer is rejected from the group. In ancient times, separation from the tribe meant death, and we still have the remnants of that fear of rejection within us when we sing.

The songs were the glue that held the tribe together, and the sound of the singer was the sign that they belonged to the group. When I work with a singing student, our goal is to get to the "Balance Point" (a state where everything works in harmony with their singing). Once this happens, I usually tell them about the tribe.

My talk is something like this: "Now you have made a breakthrough with your singing and her voice is loud and clear and beautiful. Watch now what happens with your relationships. Watch the new people come into your life.

Watch the old relationships strengthen and grow. renew. You won't know the how or why, but when the opportunity arises, be available. You may be surprised what happens. "

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