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I Ordered An Iphone 13 Max Pro, This Is What Is Received

The man has put on to social media to complain about the services that he has received from a Courier company it seems like he ordered some things from abroad but as soon as they arrived, he completely received something that he did not order and this is exactly what has caused a stir on social media and is made a lot of people come up with the stories about incidences they have also come across.

Whenever you’re ordering something online this is one of the things that you should expect to happen to you and the other thing is to either get the incorrect sizes for your orders, but as far as online shopping costs many people are satisfied with the way it is because of how convenient it has made their lives.

Many people don’t have to follow long queues anymore lining up in order to purchase their goods they can just do it simply by pressing a button and then they are goods will either be delivered or they can pick them up, their convenience of online shopping is so great it is only offset by the small problems that they face.

It seems like this incident there was criminality involved where the courier staff allegedly stole from the parcel of these individuals and replaced the iPhone which costs thousands of rands with a doll that is very cheap, This is actually something that is very common where you find the Courier company employing people who are basically there to further their own ends.

Whenever you are ordering something online you are doing so at your own risk and that is the reason why you should be careful of such eventualities, because there are definitely some things which are quite common to happen and it is unfortunate that whenever such incidences occur there are no agencies or means from which you can get any accountability.

The only thing which they will tell you is the fact that they will do an internal investigation to find out the circumstances which led to the disappearance of your parcel, but after that you will never receive your call informing you about what really happened.

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