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5 of the funniest mask people used during lock down.

When corona hit last year it was a strangely sad time, However when people started to improvise to deal with it. Thats when the hilarity of situation came out. Below are five images of hilarious masks used last year.

This, i can assume, is probably a recreation of a plague mask. Where herbs are stuffed into the beak to give a nice smell.

I guess if you are going to wear a mask you may as well wear the entire suite. With your own personal oxygen tank.

The old paper bag trick, it better then nothing but I don't think it will offer you much protection.

I'm sure this women was planning on having a birthday party, However the lockdown messed up her plans. So she had to find another use for the party hats.

The old Tupperware trick. My mum would never let me use her Tupperware as a mask because she knows I would never return it.

What do you think of these improvise masks. Tell me in the comments and follow for more content just like this.

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