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By reading candle behaviour you will spiritually know what is happening to your life (opinion)

Whenever you communicate with your ancestors using candles you need to check the candles flames, candle flames can spiritually explain lot of things about you and your surroundings

Many people just pray with the candle without checking what does the candle mean, you can use any colour of candles

Candle can move to different positions having a big flames small flames even candle dance mean a lot , when your candle makes a sound more and more

Candle sound like it is inside of water that mean the is evil spirit that is against of what you're praying for

The is dancing one that goes side to side that speaks of unrest, and also speaks of you need to meditate more when you start engaging your candle and start to pray with it

Candles show a lot and reflect a lot of environments, the way candle behaves should be alway about what is going on around you, your physical state, your emotional state

When wax is dripping all side of the candle if it is concentrating on one side, cramping and being very chunky, that is talking about your wellness your condition of your heart

Dying candles candle flames that look like it has no power or it doesn't getting any oxygen to keep burning very weak, that means physical way of how is your body it suggests that you're weak

Flames that build and build keeping on flaming, shape if a pine very toll one , the hight that need to be reached by your spirit to get what you're praying for that means you must keep on praying you will get what you wanted

That also speaks of highest that need to be reached by your spirit like what you're currently praying for

your candle flames is talking about how much of your energy and your spirit wanted to be lifted from what you're praying about

Still candle good one you're having a great meditative you have good energy that you need physically and emotionally

By Mr mavuka

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )


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