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Laughter is good for us: Check out some funny photos for today.

Laughter is beneficial us all: Take a look at these amusing photographs for today.

Group membership and solidarity (for those who share a joke) or exclusion (for those who are the "butt" of a joke) have been described by social and evolutionary theorists as a marker of group membership and cohesiveness (for those who are the "butt" of a joke), as well as a means of maintaining social control and group cohesiveness.

As reported by anthropologists in numerous traditional communities, "joking relationships" refer to ritualized teasing between specified kin, in which the receiver is expected to take no offense to the teasing. sociologist Mary Douglas proposed that joking is a subversive act in that it lowers the social hierarchy and reflects a triumph of familiarity over formality, as well as a triumph of unofficial values over official ones, in a thought-provoking analysis. To no one's surprise, this subversive aspect of comedy is particularly prominent among members of minority groups, who may use humor to depict reality in a way that exposes social imbalances. This style of comedy may be found in a lot of feminist and political humor, notably in Central and Eastern European nations that were under authoritarian authority. It is also possible to find components of this subversive characteristic of comedy in so-called "gallows" humor.

Here are some photographs that will make you giggle throughout the day. Take a peek at what they have to say.

Despite the fact that laughter appears to be related with happiness and joy, others have argued that laughter is a reaction to the experience of suffering itself. To take one example, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche asserted that humor was formed precisely because of the amount to which humans suffer. This point of view is repeated in existentialist philosophical thought. Although humor has occasionally been considered important in classical philosophical thought, it has generally been dismissed as irrational, irresponsible, and frivolous in the Western tradition.

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