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LULU: Her picnic day was amazing with a full basket

She went to a picnic with a busker, full of what she needs for the experience she had. Even though she has not revealed who was part of the experience. It is more likely that there was someone around the destination but that person is not revealed to the public on the picture.

Other people on social media are all the time sharing their moments regularly and they are not sharing all the insights or the other person's part of the encounter. Lulu is only sharing the beautiful day, but it remains unknown if there is really someone there with her.


It may be the person who is taking the picture, but it remains only her on the post. From what the post reveals to the public, she is happy about the picnic and it does not stop at the picnic session. She went to another location where she had her great moments of the weekend

It is a restaurant, and the theme is different than the picnic. You cannot forget to mention those who are part of the fascinating endeavour of social media participation.


Their engagement through the comments section:

1. ABUTI NICE: He said, she could lend in Durban because he had something to talk about. She responded with laughter.

2. QUEEN SISANA: She may have a fantastic day.

3. TINYIKO: She loves how Lulu is treating herself with beauty and giving herself a chance to spoil herself as much as she loves her dates.

From how people are going about their lives, it seems like going for a picnic is not an item on their bucket list and they are going out to other venues for a different experience, like entertainment, since the new regulations within the country.


Picnics are great and if you have not yet experienced them yet, you should as soon as possible while you are still having a day for it. It looks like they are not in popular fashion currently, because people are hardly going for them.

Your thoughts?

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