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VIDEO: The rain wont stop me from having fun and with drinks


This weekend has been blessed with a lot of rain in some parts of the country, and it has disturbed some individuals from going out, while others cannot be stopped by this massive rain, not to have their beverages at their favourite venues. No one could have an outdoor chiller this time around very easily.

This man makes it clear that the rain is not going to stop him from going out to have his favourite beverages. He prefers to be outside rather than inside, and prefers to go to a place where alcoholic beverages are served or allowed. Nothing could stop him. Even the rain did nothing.


The lady from behind asked why he wanted to go out while it was raining just to go and have a good time. She wanted him to stay home because the rain would not stop. He did not wish it, and he covered himself with plastic for the rain and went to the gate. While standing at the gate, he took one bottle and started drinking.

He was waiting for his transport to come and pick him up with a bottle in his hand already. People love their lifestyle of going out to have a good time with beverages, and if the president of the country closes it, it is going to be another bad December to spend.


When it is the weekend, they are not wasting anytime and it proves very well that nothing is going to stop them from going out. A harder lockdown that does not allow alcoholic beverages is the one that is going to keep them at home, and they do not have another option of going, which is not their decision.

Taking what they love away from them is a bad move for them. People like him, if they are not allowed to be out on the streets because of an earlier curfew, still want alcoholic beverages to drink at home. As long as there are alcoholic beverages are with them, it is a better option for them.


They don't want to imagine themselves at home without their favourite beverages. If it happens again this December, it will be another bad last month of the year for people, for whom this time of year is their most preferable time to visit other places. They enjoy their lifestyle the most at this time.

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