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Memes that will make your day feel complete

Your case is very difficult to win. When I walk outside, just follow me and run away "I love your memes. You must be fun to hang out with..."

Me in person:

Who else brings clothes outside to wash and end up taking the jeans back inside saying they are clean?

I can relate Xavier: Yesterday, I wanted to fight a certain guy but people separated us. This morning, I saw the same guy training people in Karate.

God never forgets his children Imagine serving your husband at a wedding reception and another lady says "he does not like too much salad"Girls: It's been 2 days, I think I should change my handbag now.

Boys (since 8 years):

I know it's a wrong number. You have a nice voice though. I can't live without you. When someone is crying and you don't know what to do.

You want water?

Those on you that will be looking at me to greet you first. Welcome to the looking competition.

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Karate Xavier


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