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House Design Vs Real House Contraction, Does It Look The Same Or Not

It is very rare to see an ugly house design, but we do get to see a lot of ugly houses. With this being said, it is obvious that getting a beautiful house design does not mean that the real house will be beautiful, so when you decide to build a house, you should not only look at the house design, you should also look at the quality materials that you will use, the quality of the people who will be building your house, and lastly, the quality of you land, and landscape

There is building project that is currently going on and pictures of this project were posted on social media. Since we now all understand that a beautiful house design does not necessarily mean a beautiful house will be Built, based on the pictures if the house which is under construction, do you think the people who are building this house are doing the right thing or they should stop

From the pictures that were shared, I would say that the people who are handling this project are getting it correct. From the picture above, you can clearly see that the garage is built in the same way as what is shown in the house design. If the owner of this house can get the same garage door as that one in the design, the house will be just perfect

The front view this houses gives a vivid view of how the house will look like when it is complete. The spaces for the horizontal windows are built in a very good way. The space for cladding stones is left so that they can be fitted when the time is right. The fight place is also built correctly. The only thing that we can be worried about here is the roof since we can not predict how it will look like

Even the back view of the house looks really amazing


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