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Don't blame witchcraft when you have bad luck check what make you lose you good luck (Opinion)

Many people are experiencing bad luck because of different reasons, most of the time people blame witchcraft for their bad luck

Forgetting that their action can also cause bad luck or their parents can be the result of their bad luck

According to our culture every person is born with a good luck, every baby is born with pneumonia (efumbethe ) both hands

That means two surnames meet to get out a man(human being) that is why baby is born with pneumonia

On one hand the baby is holding good luck of his fathers side and other hand is holding good luck of his mother's side( komalume)

Then if your parents are fully married , that means you have both good luck from your father's side and your mothers side

If you're born from your ancle( komalume) your parents are not married, yes you're also born holding good luck in both hands

But because of the is no cooperation between your father side ancestors and your mothers side

A good luck from your father's side won't work even though they wanted to give you something

That good luck will be disturbed because the is no cooperation between the ancestors

According to a sangoma Mr mavuka it doesn't mean, every time when you want a good luck from your ancestors you must slaughter

You can go and sleep at your fathers home , then in the morning clean the kraal or the yard that will make amadlozi happy

People need to understand that even miscarriage bring bad luck, both male and female

Everyone was born with good luck, the key of good luck is in the hands of your ancestors, talk with your ancestors

You can do ukuphahla and say everything you want, ancestors are there not physically but spiritually

Never giveup to your life

Source Mr mavuka

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )


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