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See what happened to a lady after she pierced her ear, she's warning others to be careful too.

A lady is sharing a Storey of how it ended bad after she pierced her ear, she is urging other ladies to be careful when piercing certain parts of their body because it is very risky and you might end up in a hospital bed just like she did. She had to go and do some surgery or operation just to get a year back to normal and it's still healing, Skins are very different some people seemed a very sensitive so you might see something somewhere and think that you also react the same only to react differently.

So you should always know your skin type before doing anything because the same applies to people play certain lotions on their skins for changing complexion, Some people skins become totally damaged to a point where they can never be repaired again. a lot of people Wilson proposing with this lady will shed every year of her from how it began to how it ended when she pierced her ear, it did not end well and no one wishes anything that bad even for their worst enemies cause it seems like the worst pain ever.

Two even see such an incident makes peoples tears drop because and personal pictures doing that thing to be more beautiful but to fit in then something that bad happens. But despite whatever happens you should take action on time so that you want self on the near future, you can imagine if this lady didn't have money to go into the surgery things would have been worse so it’s good that she had money to go for the surgery.

So again people he should always know your skin type, if you want to play as you should go to a pharmacy close they at least to tell you if your skin is not good enough for them. If you do sometimes you might get unfortunate just like this lady and end up in a hospital bed, so make sure that when you want to be beautiful or do such cool things you have enough money to go to the right places and ensure that nothing bad is going to happen afterwards.

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