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30 Funny Pictures And Jokes For Fun When You Return From Prayer Mountain After 21 Days Fasting

How are you all doing today? I hope you're enjoying yourselves. I'd want to brighten your day by providing you with some amusing images and jokes.

For your amusement, here is a collection of amusing photographs and jokes:

The images are solely for the purpose of enjoyment.

1. A slacker Akpos gave his obstinate wife a bag of oranges to sell. She went out and returned crying, saying she had been battered by a man.

Instead of asking what had happened, Akpos became enraged and demanded that his obstinate wife identify the location where she had been beaten, which she did.

Akpos went alone with an empty bottle of star bigger beer, claiming that he was going there to teach the jerk who assaulted his wife a life lesson.

When he arrived, he began yelling, "Who is staying here?" Come out and fight with me. I am the man who assaulted his wife.

At the gate, Akpos crushed the empty star bigger beer bottle.

A man with a booming voice yelled from within, "Who broke that bottle at my gate?"

Akpos became frightened and responded, "The person who shattered the bottle is already parking it."

2. The police force Men were hunting Akpos who had escaped from prison in the middle of the night.

Akpos dashed into a nearby cemetery, stripped to his underwear, and sat on a gravestone.

When the cops arrived, they said, "Did you notice anyone who sprinted by you?"

No, I'm a visitor, Akpos responded. I was buried the day before yesterday. Inside my grave, the heat is unbearable. I went outside for some fresh air.

The cops were hot on their tails.

3. Ochuko was busy distributing food and drinks to the mourners at his mother's funeral.

He, on the other hand, ignored his friend Akpos. He didn't offer Akpos any food or drink.

Akpos was ravenous and enraged. He rose up, irritated, and shouted, "Ochuko, remember that my Mother will soon die."

4. If this happens to you, my brother, just go straight to prayer mountain!5

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