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Gogo Skhotheni reveal how her New Purple Iwasho And Soap works

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So you’re a firm believer in good luck and bad as well as black cats and broken mirrors. Well, in this homify feature we look at 8 ways that will rid your home of the bad luck that plagues the halls. These tips and tricks may just be old wives tales to some, but you may want to at least try and introduce some positive vibes into your home, let's see how many of these tips you've heard from your grandma or that crazy aunt.

Throughout the ages, salt has been considered as an element that will rid the home and individual of bad energy, whether it be the evil eye or even the odd ghost or spirit. But salt also has scientific origins… salt contains positive ions, which counteract the negative ions from which the environment.

Enlighten the mood of the home with some fresh and fascinating flowers. These will add an amazing fragrance to the environment, while lifting your spirits with its revitalising colour. White is known for its purity and serenity, so include a few pleasant and calming white candles throughout the living space and get rid of those bad vibes.

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Gogo Skhotheni Purple Iwasho


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