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Opinion: Becareful of you give money to because it can ruin your life find out why

Witchcraft is has been part of African culture for many years and it takes form in different ways even money can be used to bewitch people so people should be careful who they borrow money.

In this life we live in there's a lot of competition and jealousy amongst people, there are people who would absolutely anything to destroy those who they are jealous of that's its important to becareful who you give money to because it can be used to curse you, someone might pretend as if they are your friend or family but actually be your enemy in secret.

A well known sangoma on Facebook has demonstrated to people how money can be used to curse people and the effects that curse will have on that person's life, the curse can cause you to lose your job and be unable to provide for family or it cause can cause you to be consistently under financial strain.

The reason why a person might want to curse you using money is because he/she might be jealous of the fact that you working at well paying job or you seem to look like your progressing in life, so them seeing you suffer gives these types of people pleasure because they do not want to see anyone be ahead of them.

If someone asks for money to go and buy something rather go and buy them whatever it is that they want rather than giving them the actual cash, because you can never be sure who's to trust people are good at hiding their true intentions.

There have been several incidents where people have found money wrapped with beads and stuck with needles at mountains or at bushes, some have found dolls, pictures, and other items with needles and muthi stuck on them.

Some believe that Witchcraft does not work although this may be true to them that does not mean they should take chances by being careless, because you would not want to find out that something is real through experiencing it firsthand.


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