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OPINION| I Don't Think (ama2000) Have Ever Used This Mode of Transport

Life can have up and downs but when growing up we didn't have stress about anything because we were our parents' responsibilities, that gave us a lot of time to play and be with our friends, to those who grew up in rural areas know how we did some chores and how we managed to have time to play. On my side I was raised by my granny, we were told that when you wake up you have to bath then start doing your choresWe used to work as a group or team because at home we were taught that we are equal, so we did everything together like helping each other so we can finish fast. Then around 12 we will be free that gave us time to play with our friends, thats where we played games like these ones

This was a good and bad idea because its dangerous, the donkeys sometimes are cruel because they can run straight to a thorned bush and throw you there, but we didn't stop playing with donkeys when we did this no parent will see us, we made sure that they wont. That made us strong and clever unlike our kids, some of them are even scared of chickens as for the donkeys they will never go close to them

Now there is this generation called (ama 2000) they know nothing about our traditional games, what they know is amapiano, drinking beer even if they are girls, a lot of women born before them were taught that alcohol is for men, as they can handle their selves better than women. Nowadays our girls drink more than their fathers and their level of respect is so low, and that is the cause of them having kids at a young age. Some get pregnant when they are drunk which is the reason why we have a lot of fatherless children

But if they moved slowly, stage by stage they were going to be like us because they were going to enjoy their child hood going forward, but no they ran the race now they are parents with a lot of stress. Everyone who grew up in rural areas and didnt experience the donkey ride, the herding of cows, goats etc, I'm not ashamed to say you are not strong enough and you didn't enjoy life

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