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PICTURES: A new challenge for filthy rich people left the poor ones feeling embarrassed

A new challenge for filthy rich people let the poor ones feeling so embarrassed for now being wealthy. Challenges make life fun for the youth and those elders who also love entertainment. Challenges usually be about a dance or people dancing holding thing that even the poorest person can afford if that person fell in love with the challenges and want to try it.

This time around, a challenge is not in a video, but filthy rich people take pictures of themselves slumping over from luxurious cars and airplanes, and not just slumping over, but they first spill their expensive belongings such as a couple of notes of money and expensive watches and lie down as if you are dead "New challenge, Asiyeni (let's go)"-Celebrities.

On social media, People fell in love with this challenge, but clearly, they are too poor to own such luxurious assets. Less privileged people felt embarrassed by this challenge "But some of us don't have cars and fly machines" sadly said a less privileged person. "This challenge is beautiful if you have some sort of assets," said another less privileged person who was feeling embarrassed.

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