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20 photos that raise more questions than the end of the world

Every day, we put a huge amount of strain on our brains by asking it to answer a large number of challenges. And other photographs are like that as well: they attract your eye yet leave you wanting to know more about them. Although life has many mysteries and questions that have no clear answers, this is part of its appeal.

Bright Side enjoys testing our readers' ability to pay attention, so we compiled a collection of 20 perplexing images that will cause your thoughts to stray.

1. The ice that has the appearance of an eye

reddit user alexadlynn says:

2. This cat is putting on a black magic show for you.

greengeorgi is a reddit user.

I was sitting on a bench outside an office when I saw that my reflection in the window perfectly fit the chair I was sitting in."

ScummyMoney is a reddit user.

As a result of the severe rain, this stairwell turned into a torrential waterfall.

pdidyking / Reddit pdidyking

5. "The pattern on my dog's chest resembles a cat in the middle of a sneeze."

VintageRice is a reddit user who posts about vintage rice.

6. A secret glow-in-the-dark galaxy hidden beneath the kitchen sink.

The work of 1ofZuulsMinions / Reddit

7. "It was just a couple of worried juniors making sure the seniors got a bath before they snapped the picture."

gssunil / Reddit gssunil / Reddit

“Everyone of my cat's four front feet has a different black and pink combination.”

/ Reddit / IAmAHiggsBoson /

9. A piece of wood shaped in the shape of a dragon's head.

/reddit / MarliePwns / reddit

10. "My black cat has the appearance of my white cat's shadow."

Reddit user JoshuaForLong has contributed to this article.

11. This shadow is perfectly aligned with the light pole, as shown in Figure 11.

courtesy of caitwcam on reddit

This remarkable fir tree is number twelve.

Jaffa1995 is a reddit user.

Thirteenth, there's this crack in the stairs that looks like a cat

Submitted by SpeedyGonzales69 on Reddit.

14. It was only a 67-pound cabbage.

Ukherewegrow is a reddit user.

15. "The color and texture of my slippers match the color and texture of the carpet in my office."

PintsOfCoffee is a reddit user.

16. A tabby cat with the tip of its tail colored orange, according to the dictionary

Submitted by Kattjavel on Reddit

17. "My boyfriend became translucent as a result of my salty camera lens."

dani4688 is a Reddit user.

18. In a hotel bathroom, this door can be used to close either of the two doorways.

Submitted by Jave85 on Reddit

This straight line of bubbles in a beer is number 19.

[Source: Nikay P / Reddit]

These enormous blueberries are number twenty.

A reddit user named ImObviouslyOblivious

Which photograph took you by surprise the most? Do you know of anything interesting that we could include on this list? If so, please let us know. Adding pictures and comments in the comment area below would be great!

Credit for the preview image The contributions of gssunil / reddit and greengeorgi / reddit

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