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To Avoid Disgracing Yourself In Public, Here are 5 Things You Should Avoid Doing

These days, many are unsure about what they should or should not do in private or in public areas, and you will witness some people doing things in public that should or should not be done privately. When you are outside, you are surrounded by individuals with whom you are unfamiliar, and you must be mindful of your actions while in their presence. You should avoid doing the following things in public, as I shall enumerate them on this page:

1. Removing Your Face mask We must exercise caution in public because the Corona virus is still active. Always use your face mask when in a public area such as a market, a bank, a school, and so on to avoid coming into contact with the fatal virus. The police will harass and arrest you if you remove your face mask in public, which is another reason why you should not do so.

2. Talking Loudly On The Phone: This is a very common occurrence, and it is quite detrimental. How can you be making a phone call in public and be screaming at the top of your lungs? It is imperative that you cease immediately since you are bringing yourself into disrepute.

3. In public, picking your nose is the most filthy deed you can imagine. It is not appropriate to pick your nose in front of other people since they will become angry while watching you do it. Some people may even insult and embarrass you in front of others if the situation is serious enough.

4) Chewing Your Food Out Loud: When some people go to a party or a restaurant, they will chew their food out loud, as if they are fighting with their mouth. Because it is offensive and bad manners, it must be stopped in order to avoid being embarrassed.

5. Scratching: This act is not good and it needs to be stopped. For some people, there is no such thing as shame, and they see nothing wrong with scratching their bodies in public.

Identify which of these you are guilty of doing in public, and tell us about it. Please share, like, and subscribe to my blog to receive more tasty posts in the future. Thanks for reading! Thanks.

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