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From zero to hero "Mpho wabadimo" '

On May the 21st, I celebrated. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with me & my close friends, family & those that travelled far & wide, the gifts and to everyone else that made my homecoming epic. More celebrations and successes # MphoWaBadimo UG I love and see you.

She is a well-known young gobela who took a stand in her own self and in her traditional calling to understand as well as teach other people about traditional callings. She began small and had a small following back then, but she kept the faith and continued giving out information about her own life journey and some young people who have been through what she has been going through, relating everything she was alarming about in regards to a calling.

Many people showed so much love on her social media platforms by letting her know how much they appreciate her and how much she is loved. Some of them traveled miles just to go to see her at the event, which was on the 21st of May.


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