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Protect yourself against stress these holidays by doing the following

Stress is caused by the body’s reaction to changes and challenges. If you ever find yourself in a dangerous or threatening situation, your body releases hormones which puts you in a fight or flight mode, that prepares you to either fight the danger or get away from it.

It is clear that everyone experiences stress all the time in life. It is not only caused by danger but can also be caused by work, finances, relationship issues, health problems or even worrying about loved ones. It is therefore important to know what you can do to deal with this stress.

1 Music

Music is medicine to the soul. It is recommended that one should listen to calm music as it is relaxing but if loud and wild music changes your mood positively, dance that stress away!

2 Talk

Communicating with others is essential. If there is something you can do about what is stressing you for instance if there is a difficult co-worker you’re dealing with, find someone you trust at work and open up. If you are dealing with something more extreme like a dying family member try talk to a professional, do not bottle up everything inside as this will lead to depression and stress.

3 Take a walk

Learn to go hiking, this can help reduce your stress levels. Take walks during your lunch breaks especially if you’re always driving. Walking is a form of exercising and when you exercise you release ‘feel good’ hormones that help reduce stress known as endorphins.

4 Laugh

Endorphins are also released when one laughs. Laughing relaxes tense muscles and puts you in a good mood. So take a break sometimes and watch a good comedy movie.

5 Learn to breathe

Doing exercises such as yoga and meditation are good ways in which you can focus on your breathing. Breathing helps you stay calm and helps you focus on one thing at a time.

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