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Here's how you can bring luck in your life using candles.

Greetings to all of you who are reading this article right now. Today we will talk about the power of lighting a candles and pray to it for luck. All you need to know that each colour of the candle have its own work and role to play. According to beliefs candles they hold much power when it's come to talk to your ancestors just like incense. Today we will talk about three candles.

1.Yellow candle

Yellow candle is stands for your mother side ancestors. When you want to communicate or want to ask luck from your mother's ancestors you have to light this yellow candle and start praying. You can light this candle in your house and talk or pray you can say all you want they will listen to you and fullfil your demand.

2. Brown candle

Brown candle is not familiar but I will tell you more about it. Brown candle is for those family members who just went missing no body knows where they went to if they are alive or not. This candle doesn't meant to be light at home but you have to light it out side your home. You can light this candle and ask them to come home if they're still alive. Or if they died already they will be found with the help of this candle.

3. Blue candle

This candle we are familiar with because most of the time we use it to when we have ceremony. It's stands for your father's side ancestors when you want lucky or if your things doesn't seem to be going well. You can use this candle light it and pray ask everything you will see the difference. You can use this candle if you have bad dreams almost every night.

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