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Skin Care

Use your urine to get rid of evil spirits

Many people are complaining on how to get rid of evil spirits that haunts them in their dreams and make people hate them. The solution is easy use your first urine in the morning everyday and talk that evils spirit must go far away from you.

Once you have washed your face with your urine then you wait for it to dry then apply your lotion or your makeup. You will see the difference in your life like getting along with people and they start to be happy when they see you.

Do not use your urine when you are on your periods just wait until you are done with your periods then you can continue washing your face with your urine. It works wonders and you will never have any problems again as evils deeds will go back to where they came from. Things will get better in your life once you have do this.

Content created and supplied by: Mariah19 (via Opera News )


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