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6 Things to do when your ears are buzzing. Understanding from a spiritual point of view. -Opinion

Many people experience a buzzing sensation on their ears and are puzzled as why are they experiencing such.

This twinkling sensation happens for various reasons such as medical conditions such as tinnitus or having received a message from ones forefathers. 

According to African diviners and healers the ringing sensation in ones ear means that there is communication line between you and your ancestors. When one hears this sound ringing sound in their ears they should know that their ancestors are making concerted efforts to communicate with them. 

When new to the spiritual world it is common cause for someone to say "What do I have to do when I hear that sound"? 

The is no right or wrong answer to this question as it depends on how ones ancestors wants them to respond. As human beings we are unique from different clans and how one clan does things it may differ slightly with the next person. 

Here are the 6 things to do when your ancestors are ringing through your ears: 

1. Keep record of the time when your hear your ears ringing. This is key because time is more important to ancestors. Their modus operandi is to communicate with you at the same time everyday. 

At this they may communicate at special angelic times like 12:00 noon, exactly at 11:11 am or om at 3am or any other time. When scrutinizing the time of receiving their messages write down what time it is as these numbers have a specific meaning behind them. 

2.Pray during this time.

If you are a person whom is gifted in any spiritual way which allows you to pray ,take a glass of water and your white candle and pray that very time when hearing the buzzing sensation in your ear. Should you find your self in an office environment make sure to go to a quiet area and pray.

3.Drink or brew traditional beer.

This is especually for those who are sangoma's have your traditional beer nor a snuff and take to them in your msamo. A msamo is a designated place to pray and phahla to your ancestors. This place should be clean and a comfortable place that is not clustered with many things. Remember that cleanliness is next to Godliness. This will most certainly make your creator and your ancestors very happy as they will see the efforts you are making in taking your gift seriously. 


4.Sing a melody that resonated with you.

Sing a song that is close to your heart orva song that you just find your self singing to on the day. This is especially for thsoe whom are given songs via dreams ,please take a chair ,sit down and start to sing like it's nobody's business. Sing from your heart and sing out loud. 


5.Make use of your snuiff.

Pour your ancestors snuiff on the floor in your msamo and speak them like you gonna them that you are listening. With every individual case your ancestors will revert back and give comments to what you are saying. They may speak through your ear directly, through your visions or through your dreams. 

6. Sit under a tree.

This is applicable to the kind of people whom have very old ancestors. When hearing the vibrating sound, take a chair and sit under an old tree and make sure you have some alcohol or something your ancestors used to smoke and just light some for them. Should anyone come and join you do not chase them away. Instead be merry with them and enjoy the conversation as that person is sent by your ancestors. They could be sent for you to heal them through a casual setting whereby you are counselling them through what ever challenge that they are facing on their life at that point in time.

6.Be alone

Spend time being alone and listen to your thoughts. Make sure that you are in a quiet place free from chaos and there is no phone distraction. If you have a green thumb you can spend sometime in your garden or in your farm. Such activities are calming and give you ample time to be alone and communicate with your spiritual guides.

In sum the vibration in your ears means your ancestors are basically asking you to stop whatever you are doing and listen to them.

Spend a lot of time in place where your ancestors love and pray everyday so don't wait for ancestors to remind you who you are and what you are suppose to do. If you are supposed to be dressed in a certain way do that to avoid being harshly reminded of the kind of person that you are what's required of you. Make sure that everyday you communicate with your ancestors as they are your guides.We are reciprocal beings as we need each other to survive. 

Follow these tips and you will see your life will improve gradually. 

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