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Ladies, Do Not Share These 6 Things With Any Girl

To be fair, females tend to be generous with one another's possessions, particularly when they are close friends. You may just ask a female friend for some of her possessions, and she would gladly oblige you. To be sure, we've been taught that it's always better to give than to borrow.

The majority of what we have is private and should be kept that way; we should not divulge this information to anybody else. There are certain things that are made to be shared between two or three individuals, but not all of them.

Some of us get sick, we have unusual illnesses, and we have no idea where those illnesses or diseases came from when they strike. Regardless of how close someone is to you, illness and disease can come from anywhere and from anybody.

There are some things that women who are completely in love with themselves should never discuss with anyone, regardless of gender.

1. Your Shaving Bic

Using a personal object like a razor to shave one's pubic hairs violates the principle of personal property. This razor Bic can harm you, which makes it easy for infections to spread.

2. Your Underwear, Tights and Bras

Never lend or donate someone else's underwear; it's one of the most private and personal items you own. Since these undergarments cover your most private and sensitive areas, you must exercise extreme caution when using them.

It's impossible to tell if one of your female pals has an illness because most women have different types of discharge. From today on, sharing underwear and bras is out of the question for your own good health.

3. Your Wigs

I'm aware that this is a regular practice among women, who frequently exchange and borrow wigs with one another. This may appear innocent on the surface, but it has several drawbacks.

You can spread head lice and ticks by swapping wigs with someone who is infected with one of these diseases.

4. Lip stick or lip balm

This shouldn't be shared either; imagine if one of your buddies had a lip infection and was using the same lip stick on you.

5. Ball deodorant

This specific deodorant should never be shared since the ball on it rubs against your skin and can spread germs from one person to another.

6. Earrings

Keep Earrings to Yourself. It's inappropriate on so many levels to give them to your pals; before you use them, clean them with alcohol.

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