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A Professor Accuses Government Of Giving The Public Misinformation Regarding Latest Wave Of Covid-19

On the latest wave of Covid-19, @Mosa Moshabela, Professor of University Of KwaZulu Natal has put a few things into perspective regarding the 'misinformation' given to the public regarding Coronavirus.

Moshabela took to Twitter and has explained that what is regarded as a new strain of Coronavirus, is actually a variant. In alcoholic terms, this is more like Hennessy VS and Hennessy VSOP.

It may seem like Moshabela is frustrated at lost debates in some instances. The fuss over NPIs and waves seems not only pedantic but potentially misplaced. The understanding of the term wave is on the basis of the graphic representation of cases.

Interesting as it is in his correction of terminology, description and characterisation. He might be fighting a losing battle on fixing these characterisations now. The country should just fight a pandemic.

However, understanding the science in lay terms helps to not fall for quackery and bad science. Many people were starting to think that the news of a "new strain" didn't augur well for the vaccine. They were basing this on people's understanding of the flu virus and its vaccines. 

Also, the human sciences can play a key role in helping manage the pandemic. So far the emphasis has been on medical interventions.

If social scientists had been involved from the word go, the masses would be talking of physical distancing instead of social distancing. Understanding human behaviour is key to combating this scourge. So this intervention is more than just about semantics.

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