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Pothole turned in to a swimming pool at Evaton, are these people normal ?

People from Evaton don't miss a chance to have fun. Well, they just shocked Mzansi when they turn the pothole into a swimming pool. They even took pictures enjoying water even though it was dirty. Some were even wearing swimming consumers enjoying the water. But people on Facebook were confused if these people there are normal. No one can just go and bath in such dirty and smelling water. Sone was even drinking alcohol close to it, well they made it their small beach. It's understandable if it was only the kids swimming inside the water but not even old people were enjoying it.

These people are trying to show our president that it is really hot and places like this do not have swimming pools. And they need them to cool down, that is why they decided to swim inside this dirty water. Well, some people can truly laugh at them but there were having a good time. This shows that this community they have accepted their situation and started enjoying all the little things they see. The political people need to help these people by building swimming pools for them and fix all the potholes in the area.

This water is a big risk to children. Some kids can not swim and they can down on this water. Another thing is this water is very dirty for a human being's skin. They can end up having cancer because of where they swim. All the dirty will be on their skim especially kids they will get sick fast. Such things need to be fixed and these people are taught about health and being clean. This has been trending on Facebook because people feel like these people there are not normal. How can the whole family go swimming in such dirty water?

Some were seen just seating outside and put their feet inside the water. Well, it is very hot these days and people truly need water to survive. Places like Evaton don't have enough water to cook or clean. So if they get the opportunity of having free water outside they use the opportunity. People who have showers and swimming pools will not understand the situation of these people. They also love having a good swimming pool but they cannot even afford it.

Comment below and let us know what you think about these people. Let us know on the comment what might be the reason that caused them to do this on themselves. Check the link below if you want to go and read the comments from Facebook. Please follow me for everyday news.

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