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SA Sangoma reveals what she does during the day & at Night. The unexpected is revealed.

Traditional healers, who in African terms are known as Sangomas are highly appreciated by many people. This is a spiritual gift that most Africans are assigned. Not everyone can accumulate this gift, and it should be appreciated when you have it. However, since Africans are westernized by colonization, they are losing their roots and culture, calling African spirituality demonic. Sangomas are part of our societies and we need them. Integrated society and less discrimination, due to different gifts and talent is what South Africa is working towards. African medicine is no different to western medication, and there should be no undermining the other. People need to be open minded. 

She confirmed that she aids people in her indumba during the day and later at night puts more focus on her studies. Puleng Mofokeng, learnt how to play around with her gift and calling. She is still in Grade 11 and hopes to pass matric with flying colors.See the source image

Most people in this modern generation have accepted that Sangomas are ordinary people, and they should never be deprived of many opportunities for being their real self. Things have changed and the more people get educated the better. This Sangoma has surprised South Africans, after she confessed that during the day she becomes a Sangoma, but at night everything stops and she studies like any student. This female Sangoma literally means that she can multitask and she is used to doing it over and over again. 

This simply implies that during the day she received patients and customers. It is astonishing to witness her not relinquishing her gist, because of education. If she can do them both at the same time, thousands of Africans can learn from her. Others forfeit education and focus on their spiritual gift, it is a personal choice and no one should be forced to carry a burden if they cannot cope. See the source image


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