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4 Important Things TSONGA Women Are Not Allowed to Eat -Beliefs-

Culturally, there are several foods that Tsonga women cannot eat, a tradition that nonetheless seems to have succumbed to the invasion of Western civilization. As a result, most of the old practices have landed on the dump as most people embrace the new way of life free from the many restrictions. These are some of the foods that a woman shouldn't eat according to Tsonga culture:

1. The head of the fish. 

According to the Tsonga culture, a woman has not been seen with the head of the fish on her plate since then a certain part is reserved for male members of the community. In this part of the country, the man is still the head of the family and must have the honour of eating the head while the woman is satisfied with the rest of the parts. Some families, especially in the villages, keep following this routine, while their colleagues in the urban centres feast on all the aquatic life. This is however wrong according to Tsonga culture.

2. Twin banana.

Tsonga Women were or are not allowed to eat the two bananas, which are packed in a single bowl, as this would lead to the fact that they would give birth to twins. According to culture elders, this was one of the most commonly observed behaviours and was rarely ignored.

3. Chicken.

Tsonga women whose daughters were already married were not allowed to eat chicken, known as "gweno" in Dholuo, and instead chose mudfish to defend their pride. Chicken was instead left to her children and grandchildren as they were old enough and qualified to become grandparents. And since the Tsonga traditions and culture, also known as "Nhlubuko" persist despite the new culture of the West, these prohibitions remain in effect.

4. Goat Liver and Eggs

According to Tsonga tradition, eating a Goat liver or eggs can make a woman commit adultery, or extra marital relations. A Tsonga woman can only be forced to consume a raw Goat liver when she is found to have intimate relations with her cousin. This is considered a cleansing ritual.

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