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Konka Mpumalanga? Man’s FOMO falls over into his best clip

Source: MSN

Sowetan's upscale nightclub Konka made waves online for a variety of reasons. It is a place where the wealthiest of Mzansi go to flaunt their abundant money, and the less fortunate seem to dream about it. 

One of those who dreamed of living it in Konka is a young man who took matters into his own hands, desperately trying to create an atmosphere of Konka for himself. The 

Sowetan Konka nightclub has been on everyone's lips for the past few weeks. This after photos and videos revealed that the Who's Who of South Africa is going to spend thousands of rand on alcohol and bubbling bubbles. 

Many South Africans were quite intrigued by the photos and videos, while others simply dismissed the store as too expensive for them. 

One man from Mpumalanga in particular was fascinated by the amazing meeting place and set about recreating his own Konka vibes.

In a clip that has since gone viral on Twitter, the young man can be seen drinking from a fake mug while he smokes a homemade shisha pipe. 

At one point in the clip, he even shows viewers his fake R 100,000 bill, which is a common occurrence in Konka.

The bill includes a number of drinks and beverages that cost a huge amount of money; that's a neat trick even with Konka.

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