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For the love of music.

There is nothing that brings more peace, happiness and comfort than music.

Listening to the best quality music can instantly change a person's mood, whether you are using it for educational purposes to help improve memory, or to keep the athlete energized for an event, or that he just wants to escape to a different world with softer music. But, whatever the means, music is what defines us as human beings.

Growing up, I loved singing for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir almost every day, until my mom was so fed up that she told me to stop singing for the choir. I never realized my singing was so bad. Over time, my love for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir waned as I entered my teens and then began to listen to rap music and heavy metal.

My parents would never leave that kind of music in the house, so once I got my first car, I grabbed all my CD collections and played my music wherever I went. Then once I got into college, I had to take Introduction to the Humanities 101 to fill a need from my general education course.

I hated the idea of ​​listening to classical music from the beginning, because that is a type of music that I stayed away from, I would not even go down the aisle of CDs where it contains classical music in the store. But, while taking this course, my teacher played classical music in class so that we would understand what it is.

After going through a full semester, my thoughts on classical music drastically changed. I have also seen the benefits it can bring when you study a particular subject like math. It also changed my personality a lot because I started buying more orchestrated music and less rap and heavy metal.

As a father of seven, I decided to have my kids listen to classical music instead of the kind of music I had listened to. So I came up with an idea to help kids love classical music and not hate it like I did. Parents, if you love music, make it fun for the children by making it more lively by adding your own rhythm but keeping the same melody.

At bedtime, put a radio on your kid's dresser, put on some Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, etc., and let the music do all the rest. Lead by example. Children will listen to the same type of music as their parents. Another fun way to inspire children to listen to classical music is to buy soundtrack CDs like Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty.

Theme songs like Pirates of the Caribbean, Back to the Future, Flight of the Navigator, Last Air Bender, Superman, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, and How to Train Your Dragon are some good examples to introduce your kids to the world. of classical music. So in the end, music makes a big difference in our lives and it also defines us as human beings.

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