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Intelezi a powerful medicine to remove evil spirit, protect, check below how to use it (opinion)

The are different types of intelezi, the is intelezi that you use when you're going to the war or any kind of battle The is anather one for strengthening and protection, it's is decribed as the mixture of cleansing herbs and medicine

Mixture of herbs that has been put together for the purpose of lengthening in the war or any battle

According to a sangoma Mr mavuka it is very good for spitual cleansing if you have isichitho or evil spirit that you're caring or exposed

After intimacy people need to be cleansing because the is lot of energy exchange, you can loose your good luck and get bad luck isichitho etc

It is mixture of herbs that comes from the forest , this found on the streets or traditional chemist even most of healers have it

How do you prepare it

Boil water have a bowel with water when you finish boiling intelezi, put 2 to 4 table spoons inside the bowel

And bath , for steaming boil intelezi with water put 4 to 5 table spoons inside , when you have done boiling

Take a stove put it down on the floor cover yourself with a light blanket then when you have done, you can bath by normal water

You can also spray your yard your house by intelezi, boil it then strain put it on the spray, spray the whole house and your yard

You can do it once a month or any time when you have a dream that indicate isichitho, if you're working by people have a shop or working in busy shopYou must steam 2 times a week, if you have a sea salt you can also mix it with intelezi or rough salt

It really helps chasing evil spirit and protect you

Source Mr mavuka sangoma from Soweto

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