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A Guy posted A Picture on Social Media But Check Out What People Noticed Instead

You can always innocently post a picture online, but get a response that is totally different from what you expected. Some pictures that get posted online need to be double checked before getting posted because they portray a totally different image from that of the picture itself.

This is the case with the picture that was innocently posted by a guy on social media. Even though the guy that posted it new what kind of responses he wanted to get on the socials, I bet that the original owner of the picture did not expect the picture to trend for the wrong reasons.

In the picture you can see some ladies in a bar having what seems to be gud time, but at first glance when you take a look at the picture, the lady sitting in front of the camera looks like she has wooden planks for legs and that she is standing up and not sitting down but when you look closely you can see her feet in heels in the middle of the wooden planks, so that what made the picture trend and confused a lot of people.


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