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Lock Your Bottle"Tired Of People Pouring From Your Bottle At The Groove?"Here Is The Solution: Tweet

NB : This is not an advert and we are not selling anything ,and no information will be shared regarding where to find the following product ,this is just for entertainment purposes only and not business.

Technology never seizes to amaze us ,as almost everyday we come across a new product designed for a purpose ,some of them are rather unusual and surprisingly true.

Have you ever been at party with your last bottle of champagne or whiskey and leave it on the floor only to come bac and find it empty ? Well your problem has now been solved with this latest inversion.

The above inevrsion is more like a lock which is used to keep your bottle locked at all times , and the most interesting aspect is that you have the access to put in your password that nobody else knows.

Photo credit : Twitter.

What do you think about this product , would you buy it or not ?

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Here Is The Solution Lock


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