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OPINION: Here's How Fake Beggars Scam People

Looking deep inside many shopping centers, malls and various crowded places around many if not all towns countrywide there's always people known as beggars who be occupying certain spots,places day and night asking money for food and other essentials needed for their survival on earth has you noticed them and the talks that they are lazy to work they should just go work just like everybody else?

Well if you have heard about the talks that they should go work I bet you have been probably asking yourself why and how should they go work in the disabled conditions that they are, well allow me to tell you that people saying they should go work and stop being lazy has never been wrong or rude by having that kind of attitude. Right now as we speak there's pics making the rounds online exposing how people are being scammed by the people whom they have mistaken to be beggars and give the hard-earned money thinking they are helping.

Let's not talk much but jump straight to you seeing how beggars are scamming people.

Source : at all these pics, am pretty sure you have noticed that what this guy does is that he tucks his hand in his trouser and end up looking like he only has 1, so people can pity him and shower him with money while he should be going to for himself like what everybody does.

Looking at what this guy is doing from my own perspective as an individual, I really think that this unacceptable since such makes people think of all beggars as scams like him while some are not, and they are actually disabled for real. People faking their disabilities are taking away the possibilities of getting helped from those who are disabled for life with these scams and games of thiers.

So now my question to you as reader's is that with things being this way, what is it that you suggest should be done to guys faking disabilities like him? Do we arrest them for faking such? Is it even legal to arrest someone for such? Do we identify them and deal with them the mob justice way or what? 

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