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Home Garden


"You will have sleepless nights holding the roof each time wind blows " People reactions after this.

A quite unique Zimbabwean house left many people speechless after it was posted on Let's build rural homes in Zimbabwe Facebook page. Pictures of the house from it's beginning stages to the final product were shared and had everyone talking. See the post down below and pictures of the house from start to finish and be left amazed.After the house was shared many people couldn't stop talking. What triggered people the most was the lack of a stable foundation for the house. As good as the house looked many were not impressed with it's stability during unfavourable weather. People had a lot to say, see some of people comments down below.

Opinion: The final product looks absolutely beautiful looking at where it started just from sticks. The house has been beautifully transformed but I am also concerned about it's self as it looks unstable.

What do you think of the house? Is it a yes or no? Comment down below your thoughts.


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