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I can not stop laughing: check out the following funny photos to make you laugh out loud.

I can't stop laughing: take a look at the following amusing images that will have you laughing out loud.

To laugh, according to the Oxford definition, is to "produce the spontaneous sounds and motions of the face and body that are instinctive manifestations of a vivid delight, as well as of derision." A person who has had a rough day can be transformed by laughter and be able to enjoy some happy moments.

Innumerable good effects of humor and laughing have been demonstrated in the body. The cardiac and respiratory rates, as well as oxygen consumption, are increased by laughter, according to research conducted on animals. A person can burn ten to forty extra calories per day by laughing for ten to fifteen minutes per day, according to scientific evidence.

Because of the amusing photographs I saw today on some of the pages I am a member of, I have been chuckling the entire time I have been writing this post. Hope these can make you laugh as much as they did me! Please see below for a collection of amusing images that will have you laughing for the rest of your day.

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