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How to keep your home smelling fresh using this combo, lady expose hidden secret (Video)


Some houses tend to have ugly smell that the owner does not know where it comes from. Such happen a lot in homes were the ground is too wet. One thing you need to know is that keeping your house smelling good comes with knowledge. What you need to know is that good smell attracts positivity. People will speak good about your house regardless.

It feels great to be inside a house that keeps the feeling of being at home. A lady on social media shared what she uses to keep her house smelling fresh all the time. Her trick most people have been ignoring for a long time. All because they never thought such trick exist.

She shared a video showing how she does it, on the video she used southern comfort, the one used to keep clothes smelling fresh. She added it on a boiling water and let the smell cover the whole house for 30 minutes. The smell will be present for days, your home will smell like roses. Without you buying any spray that will finish in a day trying to keep the house cool and fresh.

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